christina ledang


cleanbychristinaledang online store  is selling garments for women's with quite a few items being unisex. The goal is to make clothes that make men and women feel good and confident in their body, if not simply cool. 
Silhouette, style and fabric are carefully chosen and a result of thorough design process and hard work, often with a hint of surprise. We as a brand believe in garments with high quality that you invest in and keep with you, for a long time. Good materials, good design, good concepts, beautiful silhouette and great aesthetics is all at the core of the brand, helping our clients to justify investing in one of our garments. We also believe that most of our clients become loyal after being introduced to the brand and do return for repeats of same garments in other colors. 
The core line of the brand is always available and all success pieces from a season will be repeated. You can never have too many of a wardrobe staple.
 The C.L.E.A.N. line stands for Christina Ledang Essentials And Necessities, a line of must-have items in a wardrobe. Occasionally with a drop of crazy, more artistic pieces, which is also necessary in any wardrobe.